This is my Now page. There are many others out there, but this one is mine.
This page was last updated on July 26th, 2022.

What’s up, Cosper?


I have lived in Bakersfield, CA with my wife Sarah since July of 2012.

Even though the air here is shitty, and the temperatures in the San Joaquin Valley are utterly brutal during the summer, it’s still a very nice life.

TBH, there’s no one who I’d rather spend this strange, entirely too brief existence with. ❤️

Sarah and I have three dogs, Gomez, Panchito, and Pepita. Gomez and Pepita are Chihuahuas, while Panchito is a Chiggy, which is half Italian Greyhound and half Chihuahua.

Gomez and Panchito are two lil scamps that pee in the house way more than I’m comfortable with. Still, despite that, we love them both very much.

Pepita is the very adorable and energetic new kid in town. A friend’s parents found her wandering through a trailer park in February of 2022. Being chihuahua people, we took her in temporarily because they couldn’t keep her and, well, she lives here now. 😅


I know this is going to elicit some massive eye rolls, but I don’t feel that my worth as a person is defined entirely by my capitalist contributions.

Nevertheless, I keep a roof over our head (and food on the table) by working at DreamHost as their WordPress Product Advocate.

I also donate my time to the following extracurriculars in and around the WordPress project:


What’s new on the music front? Well…

Kind of a throwback, but I’ve been listening to Handsome Boy Modeling School’s first album a lot lately. Besides that, I remain obsessed with the post-Brexit post-punk of Wet Leg, Yard Act, Dry Cleaning, The Lounge Society, etc.

I attempt to keep an up-to-date list of the podcasts I’m enjoying here. No need to rehash all of that on this page, right?


Because Sarah watches a lot of horror movies, I end up watching a lot of horror movies. Also, TCM is constantly on in the background here. TBH, it’s pretty comforting.

I do my best to jot down what I’ve been watching WRT films over on Letterboxd, but sometimes I’m not that great at it.

On the TV front, I’ve been enjoying Nathan Fielder’s The Rehearsal on HBO MAX. I really liked Ms. Marvel and am lowkey putting off starting season four of Westworld.


I read books. Honest.

Well, okay. I listen to a lot of books as audiobooks. Mainly, because it allows me to multitask. But I’ve been told that’s still technically reading. Hope that’s not bullshit. 😬😅

If you agree that audiobooks can be considered reading, I’m having Werner Herzog read me his new novel, The Twilight World about Hiroo Onoda.

As for reading reading, I’ve started working my way through Matthew Derby’s Super Flat Times. It’s a collection of short stories in an absolutely bonkers dystopia, packed full of lines that I’m squirreling away for later use.

I used to be good at keeping track of what I’ve been reading over on BookWyrm. Feels like I should start doing that again.